Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This Is For Those Teachers Who Create Change

Teachers, instructors you name it , when we go back to school, we have to face them. From the students point of view they can even be intimdating.When we walk to the class we feel unsure, and w ask what are they going to require from us and how are going to be challanged.
Well I want yo yalk about my own experience in a writing class that I took this semester. At first, I was like OH MY GOD! , am i going to be able to meet the challages that are requirerd of me, and
also at the same time I was technology challanged. Also when they mentioned words that I have never usd like "rhetoric"; what is this?

Well it's the ability of the rhetor(speaker) to persuade his audience to side with his or her beliefs. The more I went to class I started understanding it. The Professer took her time to explain it, Which made the class more less of a challange and something that I could use that would help mw in my everyday life. Also with the fellow classmates that took the time to help me.

Then going to this talk where I saw rhetoric being applied in a real worl sense. It made it clearer
to understand what the meaning of this word.
But I would like to thank the professor who took the time and effort to teach us all that she knows.
Also I want to take the time to show my appreciation to all those professors and instructors who do all thier job well.